NT 4.0 Ex5.5 to AD Ex2003 Migration

NT 4.0 Ex5.5 to AD Ex2003 Migration

Post by Marlon Vel » Wed, 16 Jun 2004 11:37:54

I'm planning a migration path from an old NT domain (with Exchange 5.5) to a
new (side by side) AD forest. That forest has one root and a single child
Exchange 2003 will be on the new AD domain. I want to move the users
mailboxes and the public folders from the old NT/Exch 5.5 servers to the new
AD/Exch 2003 servers.

I'm confused about the correct order for migrating. In what order should I
migrate the user accounts (with sidhistory), computer accounts, file shares,
exchange mailboxes?

Any documentation, links or suggestions on this type of parrallel migration
would be greatly appreciated.


NT 4.0 Ex5.5 to AD Ex2003 Migration

Post by Steve Schi » Thu, 17 Jun 2004 05:08:30

As far as Exchange 2003 is concerned, migrate the account to AD with Sid
(ADMT), then you can use the Exchange Migration Wizard (if E2k3 is in a
separate org) or the Move Mailbox Wizard (if you joing the x5.5 site) to
move the mailboxes. The exact process depends on whether you want to have
E2k3 join the existing site, or create a new org. If you join the x5.5 site
you want to do ADMT-->ADC-->Move Mailbox.

Inter-org migration from x5.5 to E2k is described in this paper, much is the
same for E2k3:



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Microsoft Exchange Support

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