Q:Migrating dual org/domain NT4/Ex5.5 to single org/domain W2K/Ex2K

Q:Migrating dual org/domain NT4/Ex5.5 to single org/domain W2K/Ex2K

Post by Pete » Sat, 22 Nov 2003 19:24:59

We are getting consolidated with another company and need to migrate two
separate NT 4 domains with 2 diffrent Exchange 5.5 Orgs (one server/org) to
One W2K domain and one Exchange 2000 server.

Theree is a LOT of whitepapers out there but I would need a general approach
to this including Mailboxes, Public folders, Adress lists, and custom
receipients. Does anyone have som kind of, very short, checklist/approach
for this kind of scenario?

Regards /Peter

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2. IIS 4.0 migrated from NT4 BDC to W2K server NT4 domain member

Our intranet IIS server was initially installed onto a NT4 BDC. The
server hardware was recently upgraded, Windows 2000 server was
installed as a member of the NT4 domain. Now there are both the local
IUSR_machinename, IWAM_machinename accounts and the domain
IUSR_machinename, IWAM_machinename accounts. Can the domain accounts
be safely deleted.

As well this server is setup to access virtual directories on a remote
Novell NetWare share as per Q285159.

When following the "HOW TO: Set basic NTFS Permissions for IIS 5.0"
(Q271071) I am unsure which IUSR and IWAM accounts to be granting
permissions to. Are there any other documents or ariticles to assist
with troubleshooting a username/password prompt when users should have
anonymous access to this web site?


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