Panopticum Water v.103 for Adobe After Effects

Panopticum Water v.103 for Adobe After Effects

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Panopticum Water v.103 for Adobe After Effects
Panopticum Water v.103 for Adobe After Effects | 2MB

Panopticum Water is a plug-in, which can art up your image with breath-
taking water effects such as streaming water and more. You can create
effects that are extremely realistic as well as effects that you will
not see in real life. Both are amazingly beautiful. Creating various
water transitions with this plug-in becomes easy and exciting.



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Hi all,

Here is a question that I have been trying to work out - hopefully someone
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I often end up in a quandary deciding if a class should be static/instance
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Can any one point me to any resources that may help.

ie. Data Access Class - just retrieving requested dataset - No state
required, so implemented as static.

If this Data Access Class has a huge number of requests, would there be any
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