Silly me, looking for a "brush-like" brush

Silly me, looking for a "brush-like" brush

Post by corquu » Sun, 16 Nov 2003 06:55:05

I toyed with a demo of Illustrator at one point that had reeeeally neat "water-color" and
"calligraphy" type brushes (or what I presumed to be termed "brushes")

I'm searching zillions of rather incredible freeware PSP brush sites, have learned to import
and create a few of my own, but durn if I can find one that simulates the smoothness of
that illustrator brush, if I coudl find anything deemed a paint brush. The obvious search
terms give me way to many non-pertinent results.

Seeing how elaborate brushes can be this has become like looking for needle in
haystack...can anyone point me to a site that would have simple old "paint brush tip"
brushes? I'm not overwhelmed with the default ones in PSP, was hoping there was one
that simulated the illustrator version. I presently own PSP7, but even if it were just the
image of the brush stroke and angles, I could probably do the import etc.

TIA for any ideas -- corq

Silly me, looking for a "brush-like" brush

Post by Fugitiv » Sun, 16 Nov 2003 07:23:24

Never used Ill, but I'm afraid, if you haven't found it yet, it may
not exist. I have lots of great eight brushes, but still don't get one
thing, I'd really love, LOVE, and that would be a brush where you
could make some lite, pencil thin lines, then push down and pull like
the middle of a watercolor brush, then, ease up and go to a medium
wide stroke. This doesn't exist, the flexibility of a real brush. The
other missing feature, is two colors, side by side on a brush. Painter
does this, so I know it's possible. Any Jasc pixel pusher who makes
one for this version of 8, I will give a reward. I'm sure that in
time, all the things we want will come, it's not easy.

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Silly me, looking for a "brush-like" brush

Post by JP Kabal » Sun, 16 Nov 2003 08:19:35

1=pressure sensitivity is programmed in...but you need an Intuos or Cintiq,
not a Graphire
2-you ought to try laying down a gradient and moving it with'll
like it

"water-color" and
have learned to import
smoothness of
The obvious search
needle in
"paint brush tip"
there was one
it were just the

Silly me, looking for a "brush-like" brush

Post by Scead » Sun, 16 Nov 2003 08:48:13

Uh, Graphire has pressure sensitivity. It lacks some other Intuos features like angle


Silly me, looking for a "brush-like" brush

Post by Ron Lace » Sun, 16 Nov 2003 10:12:18

It works with a Graphire and any other pressure sensitive tablet, not
just Cintiq or Intous.


Ron Lacey
Murillo Ontario

Silly me, looking for a "brush-like" brush

Post by Angela M. » Tue, 18 Nov 2003 12:04:18

CalComp as well.

Angela M. Cable
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