MTA Service stops, starts, stops, starts........

MTA Service stops, starts, stops, starts........

Post by Rob Delan » Sat, 30 Aug 2003 19:34:42

Exchange 2000 Sp3 with Rollup patch installed. Mail is
working fine but MTA service is stopping and starting
constantly. It starts, remains running for about 5 seconds
then stops again. And so it goes on.

No errors being logged. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Nothing changed etc.

Any ideas. A collegue said he has seen a fix but we can't
find it.



MTA Service stops, starts, stops, starts........

Post by MSF » Sat, 30 Aug 2003 20:55:46

You can try 2 things in this situation. The first is to replace the MTA dat
files in the MTAData folder. Remove all the dat files and then replace them
with the dat files form your Exchange Server CD. They are in the
Setup\I386\Bootenv folder. Once you get them into the MTAdata folder remove
the Read Only attribute on them. Run an MTAcheck and you should be set. If
this does not correct the issue run the Setup from the Exchange CD and use
the Reinstall Option. This will not touch any of the databases it will only
replace any missing or corrupted files.

Hope this helps,
Patrick Genova
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