Microsoft Intellimouse Freezing

Microsoft Intellimouse Freezing

Post by Anthony Br » Mon, 15 Dec 2003 08:52:30

Hi all, I have a microsoft optical intellieye plugged into my on-mobo USB
port. It makes the hardware disconnected and connected sound everyonce in a
while and the entire mouse stops responding... This is a pain in the ass
when I am *** . Could anyone know what the problem could be. It still
works after the sounds. I'm running WinXP pro with a athalon 2600+ bla bla

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Mouse stops responding even on my desktop.If i look on my device manager
under keyboard and pointing devices the keyboard is there but the pointing
device is missing.If i restart sometimes my mouse will still not work.I have
XP2 installed and i have up graded my Nvidia software driver and intellimouse
driver.This started happening sometimes after a game CD had been removed.

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