Research Posts in HCI

Research Posts in HCI

Post by steve » Fri, 24 Feb 2006 02:16:56

e are looking for experienced researchers to contribute to an exciting
new large scale 4 year multidisciplinary project, Memoir, addressing
the design and development of technologies to support personal
memories. The project is funded by the EU under Marie Curie.
Researchers will visit the Information Studies Department in Sheffield
for a 2 year period supported by salary of €42,000, plus travel money
for yourself and immediate family.

Project Description:

Memoir is an EU training grant to build expertise in a new
multidisciplinary area. Memoir will study the new area of personal
memories, to better understand the technology, ethics and psychology of
storing and accessing personal information. The major technological
success of the last decade has been the development of methods for
accessing public data such as documents. The current consensus however
is that these word-based techniques have reached a plateau and that new
research is needed to explore methods for accessing other data such as
video, images, and speech. And changes in digital storage technology
mean that people are beginning to store huge amounts of digital videos,
photographs, music and speech in personal file systems. We will explore
cultural and social differences in such memories within different EU
cultures, as well as socially disadvantaged communities in our local
region. Our project may help address the digital divide as
personalisation has been suggested as a way of making technology
relevant to sections of the society who are reticent to adopt it.

Researchers will contribute to a multidisciplinary team involving
people with expertise in computer science, psychology, design and
information studies, in one of the following areas:

?Cognitive Science - Personal systems will be designed to take into
account the ways that people remember, access and utilise information,
so that expertise in human memory and cognition and system and
interface design would be highly relevant
?Computer Science/Informatics - We will be building tools to
support digital memories, so candidates should have skills in
programming multimedia, HCI, information retrieval and possibly
?Design and Evaluation of Interactive Systems - we are looking for
people with skills in requirements analysis, design and evaluation of
interactive systems.

The project will provide opportunities to meet and collaborate with
other researchers and help define this important new area. The project
will offer important opportunities for fellows to network with other
researchers in Sheffield and the UK.

The Information Retrieval group is part of the Department of
Information Studies at the University of Sheffield. The department was
founded in 1963 as the Postgraduate School of Librarianship. It has an
international reputation for the quality of its research, the expertise
of its staff and the achievements of its graduates. It was awarded a
top 5*A rating in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise and has been
awarded an 'excellent' score of 22 points for Teaching Quality by

Once devoted to being a world-leading steel town, Sheffield's largest
money-making industries are now its Universities. The fifth largest
city in the UK, Sheffield is one of the country's greenest: filled with
parks and trees. The University of Sheffield is located in the
delightful west end where, restaurants, and cafes are within easy
walking distance of the Depa