Protected Object

Protected Object

Post by Master » Thu, 09 Jun 2005 02:04:30

when i try to access apache through my computer's IP address from
within the company network it gives me a u/n and pass dialog box. i say
cancel cuz i never set a u/n and pass ( i think ) and it says
Protected Object

This object on the RO318 is protected

when i try to access it from outside the network it can't find the

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I'm writing on a video procession system. In this i have a C extension,
which creates ruby objects that encapsulate images. This objects are
passed with some ruby code to an other C extension which shall store
them for later output.

My problem is, that the GC destroys the objects while they are needed in
the future. I've tried to prevent this by calling

rb_gc_register_address (&myobject);

on the object and after i'm done with the object

rb_gc_unregister_address (&myobject);

But that seems to be ignorred.

Any hints about this?


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