Apache v1.3

Apache v1.3

Post by Simon J Sm » Wed, 04 Feb 2004 19:51:33

I'm trying to learn and understand how this baby works. I am running XP
I have it configured so far, in that it is serving up my .htm files no
My problem starts with perl cgi scripts [oh another newbie I hear you cry].

I copied a basic 'Hello World !" script from webmonkey and placed it into
the cgi-bin directory and it worked a treat.

Now when I have downloaded a guestbook perl script from the cgi resource and
placed it into the cgi-bin directory I'm getting the internal server error
It does say on the readme.txt files that accompany the scripts to upload
them in ASCII mode...how do I do that when the server is sat on my pc?

And, one final thing, am I correct to assume that because that basic 'Hello
World !' script worked, I have the set the correct privileges etc in the
server config file

Many Thanks in advance


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Al S.

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