Getting a Domain Name ?

Getting a Domain Name ?

Post by Mel Smit » Thu, 20 Apr 2006 11:22:19


This is perhaps a bit (or a lot) off-topic.

But anyway:

I have determined that a website name that I 'covet' is about to be
released in about two weeks. I also know that there is also some additional
extended waiting time (55 days ??) for that particular 'name' to become
again publicly available for 'renting'.

What is the best way and best timing (and perhaps best-agency) to
acquire that name for myself ???



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2. Getting Windows Login-name and Domain name from SQL Server 2000 using T-SQL

My SQL server Name is : HTS-5A-46
Database Name : VDPMASTER
Table Name : Usermaster

I have to write a trigger on this Usermaster table for update.
The access to Usermaster is been given to every SQL server client user
and they can update this table.
I need to create a log history table for this Usermaster so tha
whenever a client updates on usermaster that is recorded in log table.
In this log table i have one field called : WindowsLoginID

In our company we login to windows using
Username , Passward and Domain
For Example :
Username : sp34562
Passward : ****************
Domain : HIP

after login to window the client connects to SQL server by using SQ
server's Account ID say 'VDPASSOC' and Passward : '*********'.

Now here if he updates on usermaster I want to get His Windows Usernam
and Domain and want to insert this into log table's field WindowsLoginI
as 'HIP\sp34562'

None of the below is Giving me Windows UserID and Domain , each on
gives info regarding the SQL servers login

select @@REMSERVER
select SUSER_NAME()
select HOST_NAME()
select user_name()
select suser_sname()
select system_user

Please Guide how to get windowsUsername and Domain programmaticall
using T-SQL

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