Computer Based Training Software Company looking for self-motivated sales people

Computer Based Training Software Company looking for self-motivated sales people

Post by cbtvoice » Sat, 01 Nov 2003 10:23:31

Computer Based Training Software Company looking for self-motivated
sales people. If you have knowledge in Computer Based Training, know
a little about the industry and are self-motivated, we are interested
in you. We are a Toronto based company looking for salespeople to
bring us new clients and new accounts. We pay a handsome commission
for new business, and are expanding. If you are interested in selling
for a growing successful company and making great percentages (10-15%
to start), please contact me ASAP. XXXX@XXXXX.COM

1. U.S. Based Company is Seeking Serious and Self-Motivated People!

2. WANTED: Serious and Self-Motivated Business Partners For U.S. Based Opportunity!

We are a small yet highly-motivated team of
Independent Marketing Directors for a company
that is anticipating exponential and
unprecedented growth within the next three to six

We are therefore seeking a select few like-minded
candidates and organizations who meet our
qualifications and are currently involved with
occupations, professions or companies in the
following industries within the United States:

1. Travel
2. Eye Care
3. Skin Care
4. Medical Care
5. Furniture Sales
6. Home Mortgage Services
7. Automotive Sales & Services
8. Wireless & Telecom Services (and)
9. Health, Dental, Auto & Life Insurance

If your occupation, profession or company falls
within the above disciplines, we would very much
like to speak with you in person and at our
expense. We offer two generous benefits packages
and the potential of earning $700.00 up to $3,500.
00 per week if you qualify.

To learn more about this incredible opportunity,
please visit: "RIGHT

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