cw8 Telesales / Web Design Broker / Home based cw8@Vg0v(

cw8 Telesales / Web Design Broker / Home based cw8@Vg0v(

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Learn how to be a web page design broker.

Every business needs a professional web page that shines the best possible
light on their business service. Currently only 1% of small to medium
size businesses have web pages. Those who do have them rarely update or
maintain them. Opportunities are everywhere!

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Collaborative Web Publishing and Design


1. Part-Time Telesales Position Selling Web Publishing Services (work from home)

2. attempting to port ANSI standard c code from GCC to CW8

Hello fine people. I have acquired some networking code that was written
in the xcode environment. It calls ANSI standard functions such as fork,
socket, bind, listen, gethostbyname, etc. I need to compile this code in
CW8 for a plugin that MUST be linked using the Macintosh PPC linker with
the Carbon API. All of these functions and header files exist as part of
Cocoa/Darwin, but the library files are not compatible with the PPC
linker. They do not seem to be a part of MSL either. I must find a way
to create object code from this source which can be linked to other CW
native code with the PPC linker. Do you worthy souls have any suggestions
in this matter? I may need to furthermore compile this code for windows,
and any aid on acquiring similar or equivalent libraries containing fork,
socket, bind, listen, gethostbyname, etc. would also be greatly

Benjamin Edelen
Techno Shaman
Alumni, Innsmouth Community College
Home of the Fighting Sea Devils

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