Senior Java Software Developer

Senior Java Software Developer

Post by jobs » Sun, 02 May 2004 03:14:15

Position: Senior Java Software Developer
Type: Full time
Location: Montreal, Quebec

Company Description

Netvention develops intelligent data extraction robots to find,
collect, and harvest business information from the Web. Through its
patent pending Netvention Extractor, the company currently provides
businesses with accurate and up-to-date sales leads collected directly
from the Web. In the process, we are building the world's largest
database of Web-harvested business information.

Job Description

We are currently seeking a senior software developer with strong
academic and/or industry experience in information extraction (IE)
technology. This job requires a familiarity with the most current IE
techniques and tools including maximum entropy, machine learning,
Markov models, Viterbi search, rule-based parser, finite-state grammar
and lexicon.

Job Requirements

Over five years industry experience in object-oriented design and
programming with at least three years in Java and an in-depth
understanding of object-oriented design patterns and concurrent
programming are required. Experience with artificial intelligence,
database, and UML are strong assets. You must be well organized and
have ability to think creatively. Very good English and technical
writing skills are necessary. BS required, MS or PhD preferred.

Creative thinker and solid team player with very good interpersonal
skills is a must. You should be able to handle important workload
involving multiple tasks under tight schedule.

If you are interested, please email your resume in plain text or MS
Word to XXXX@XXXXX.COM , or fax it to us at (514) 877-9706.