[OT] C++ programming migration from DOS to Windows

[OT] C++ programming migration from DOS to Windows

Post by Greg » Sat, 05 Mar 2005 12:20:48


I seem to recall that I installed VS7, it asked me what sort of compatibility
mode I wanted. Maybe we made different choices. If you go to Help, Show Start
Page, My Profile, it will show what you chose. Mine is set to Custom
Settings, but one of the keyboard choices is Visual Studio 6.

It really does work that simply for me. I press Ctrl+N and it shows me a
dialog of different file types. The last one picked is the default. If I
press [enter], I get a blank file of that type, with syntax highlighting
appropriately set.


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We develop a Front office program for Hotels & Resorts the program we use is
a 4GL called Magic, the Version of magic is 5.7.

The problem is that the program works fine under DOS, Win98, Windows 200 &
Windows XP using a DOS fat 32 Partition, and if we are using something like
HP p4,p5 or p6.

as we all know Printer Companies are no longer making printers that run with
DOS drivers. But until we get around to upgrading to the 32bit Version of
Magic, we are stuck.

Can anybody help me work out how to fire this DOS print job at a no dos

Sorry we also use Bold, an set Pitch control on the print jobs. (Invoices

thanks for any help



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