Help - (OS homework assignment in Unix) OT

Help - (OS homework assignment in Unix) OT

Post by Gianni Mar » Wed, 04 Feb 2004 11:59:16

Way off topic for here - try comp.unix.programmer

Here are some very cryptic notes for you - look them up in your text
books or google for them and then try to write some code and post a
follow up in comp.unix.programmer.

You will write a program

man fork

to compute the sum of a set of (small)

unsigned v1, v2 ... returning v1+v2 ??

This is a very strange method of computing the sum

oh - exit( v1 + v2 ) - insane thing to ask for but wth - this is
academic right ? Get the exit values with wait().

So, for every sum a worker process is created.

Piece of cake.

With Victor's piece - you should be all set.

Maybe a SIGALARM ?

I think that means SIGINT.

However, it should not be

It's really alot easier than it sounds.