Call for Participation: Commercial Users of Functional Programming Workshop 2009

Call for Participation: Commercial Users of Functional Programming Workshop 2009

Post by Jim Grund » Thu, 02 Jul 2009 08:30:52

Commercial Users of Functional Programming Workshop (CUFP) 2009

Functional Programming As a Means, Not an End

Call for Participation

Sponsored by SIGPLAN
Co-located with ICFP 2009

4 September 2009
Edinburgh, Scotland

Registration is through

Functional languages have been under academic development
for over 25 years, and remain fertile ground for programming
language research. Recently, however, developers in industrial,
governmental, and open source projects have begun to use
functional programming successfully in practical applications.
In these settings, functional programming has often provided
dramatic leverage, including whole new ways of thinking about
the original problem.

The goal of the CUFP workshop is to act as a voice for these
users of functional programming. The workshop supports the
increasing viability of functional programming in the
commercial, governmental, and open-source space by providing a
forum for professionals to share their experiences and ideas,
whether those ideas are related to business, management, or
engineering. The workshop is also designed to enable the
formation and reinforcement of relationships that further
the commercial use of functional programming. Providing user
feedback to language designers and implementors is not a
primary goal of the workshop, though it will be welcome if it


CUFP 2009 will last a full day and feature a discussion
session and the following presentations:

Bryan O'Sullivan
Keynote: Real world Haskell

Lee Momtahan (EDF Trading)
Implementing a Domain-Specific Language for Derivative
Pricing with Scala

Bhasker Kode (
Erlang at

Jefferson Heard, (Renaissance Computing Institute)
Teleconferencing over High-res Maps with Haskell

Alex Peake (TFC) and Adam Granicz (Intellifactory)
The First Substantial Line of Business Application in F#

Christopher Piro and Eugene Letuchy (Facebook)
Functional Programming at Facebook

Fermin Reig (Morgan Stanly)
Computing with Time Series Data in Finance

Warren Harris (Metaweb)
Functional Programming at Freebase

Mark Wong-VanHaren (Glyde)
Clear & Simple: Composing a Marketplace

Duncan Coutts (Well-Typed)
Birth of the Industrial Haskell Group

There will be no published proceedings, as the meeting is
intended to be more a discussion forum than a technical

See for more information, including
presentation abstracts and the most recent schedule

This will be the sixth CUFP; see CUFP 2004 CUFP 2005, CUFP
2006, CUFP 2007 and CUFP 2008 for information about the
earlier meetings, including reports from attendees and video
of the most recent talks.