find absolutely free online books

find absolutely free online books

Post by sudhirmang » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 16:02:45

Hi friends :

I has find a web site for free online books on various topics related
to computers :
All the books are completely free no registration required to view
these book. just start reading them for free.

these books are really nice to improve your programming skills.

**************** free Books on :
JAVA,Windows Programming(VB & VC++),Web Designing and Publishing, XML
& XSL,Internet & Intranet,Web Programming,Unix, Linux,
X-Windows,Networking,Databases,Computer Science

these books can be found at \personal\Free_Books.htm

********************* free online books on dot net :

on C-Sharp, VB.NET , and various FAQ's on dot net, Including a very
detailed comparision of C-Sharp and JAVA (which I think is best that I
has ever seen). \dotnet\books.htm

****************** Free Projects :
Free project on Sales Invoice System (Made using VB and MS Access)

And a Open Source Firewall for Windows 2000 and later (which is
possible the only firewall for windows in the world that is available
with source code for download for free)

enjoy your source for free online books.