Uninstall all Previous Windows Versions of JRE

Uninstall all Previous Windows Versions of JRE

Post by mthom1048 » Thu, 01 Jul 2004 00:36:29

Help! I am working on a corporate deployment of JRE V1.4.2_04. I
would like to programmatically uninstall all previous versions of
Java. Is there an easier way to manually remove all previous versions
without having to:

1) Enumerate all Uninstall registry keys in Registry
2) Kicking off uninstall strings (create response files if necessary)

This approach is messy and I have no way of knowing all previous
versions of SUN JRE released.

Should I leave existing versions on the workstation? I would like to
keep a corporate standard. Any help on this topic would be GREATLY
appreciated. Thanks.

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I have Windows Server 2003 installed in a machine, and need to uninstall it
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First, I make sure CDRom is the first boot device in BIOS setting. Then, I
inserted Windows 2000 CD and attempted to boot from CD, and re-format the
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Server 2003, and then pop up an error message dialog saying "The CDRom is
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functionality is disabled." Any ideas??


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