Never mind JVM on Palm Simulators

Never mind JVM on Palm Simulators

Post by Glenn McCa » Thu, 08 Dec 2005 18:24:19

Never mind. I have been struggling with this for over a week. Turns out
there are two JVM downloads - one for the simulator and one for actual

If you download the correct file it seems to work just fine.

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2. Why doesn't Palm simulator catch same bugs as the Emulator

I know they are two different beasts, with the simulator running os 5
and up, and the emulator 4 and below.

I'm working on two programs right now. One can be run in either
simulator or emulator. Although I have to run the low-resolution
version on the emulator.

I had a really strange crashing issue on my actual device (a treo 650
in this case.) So I then went to the simulator to debug. It would
just crash the simulator itself, sometimes nothing at all.

Then, I ran it on the emulator in debug mode, and I found out I was
screwing with the stack...going out of bounds on an array.
Why didn't the simulator pick this up?

I ask this because in this case, this program, it's ok as I can use the
emulator. But the other application requires Palm oS 5.0 and above,
and must use the simulator. It is also exhbiting strange crashing
behavior, and it's a bear trying to figure out where my problem is, but
I imagine if I could run it on the emulator all would be found.

Any ideas here? Do I need some different setting on the simulator, or
does it just not catch as many bugs as the emulator can.

Thanks everyone.

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