Deploying tomcat servlets in virtual host environment

Deploying tomcat servlets in virtual host environment

Post by while_ » Sat, 26 Jun 2004 12:47:43

I'm an experienced tomcat-servlet programmer, but
only in an environment where I have root access to
the local server, where war files are copied to
$JAKARTA_HOME/webapps and then started individually
with the system's manager servlet.

I want to deploy some of my own work (from that environment)
on a shared host virtual filesystem setup--an a
commercial hosting machine. There the setup is
different and the local host provider doesn't
seem to know much about tomcat.

I have a WEB-INF directory inside my document root.
But deploying typical web.xml files there and trying
to reference them with http://that_domain:8080/myservlet
doesn't work.

I've spent several hours trying to find tomcat virtual
host information with Google, but got no where fast.

Is there a standard virtual-domain, virtual-filesystem
way of setting up and deploying tomcat servlets?
Does anyone know of a url to useful documentation?