Editing loaded (running) Java classes

Editing loaded (running) Java classes

Post by jamesdbloo » Tue, 02 Sep 2003 09:46:46

I have developed a fully open source & free application that can alter
(or simulate the affect of altering) loaded Java classes at runtime.

This means you can change a program at runtime without having to

Runtime Java Class Editor (RJCE)

RJCE allows all methods for user-defined classes to be altered at
runtime. These alterations are then applied to a single instance, a
collection of instances (i.e. an array), or an entire class.

This enables interactive application testing and the easy altering of
running programs, testing code and saving it when it is correct.
Methods can be tweaked and then tested immediately without needing to
recompile, particularly useful when resorting to trial & error.

The built-in script engine allows Java scripts to be run from within
any application. RJCE can be used to write a program from within
itself, ensuring high coupling between testing and development, with
no delay before the outcome of any alterations.

The class browser (displaying the full class hierarchic including,
super-classes, inner-classes, interfaces, etc) shows variable values
and loads editable objects or methods.

I am debugging the first alpha release ?

Many Thanks,

James Bloom