OT: Webhosting for FoxPro freeware?

OT: Webhosting for FoxPro freeware?

Post by Dennis All » Thu, 17 Mar 2005 05:45:25

Hi. Off Topic, but I hope someone here could help.

Long ago I turned some of my FoxPro applications into freeware. Offered
them on my web site as self-extracting executables. Last fall my isp
stopped allowing exe files on my web site. Had to convert them back to
zip files.

I've been looking at these $4.99/month web hosting packages. The first
one I called told me they wouldn't allow exe files. I would have to get
a dedicated service. I'm not going to pay $100/month to host only 50Meg
of freeware.

I see other people offering freeware and FoxPro freeware in exe files.
How are they doing it? Any advice would be appreciated...Dennis