How Can I

How Can I

Post by Sarangan » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 11:29:27



How can I

1. open the "Textbox" Class (the Class of the text box
created with the Standard toolbar in vfp 6).

2. edit/display a text file from a vfp .exe file

I used the command run /N3 notepad "readme.txt" within
a .prg file. But I don't want the print option to appear.
I am not able use the "modify command" or "modify file"

Thanks in advance.

Sarangan R

How Can I

Post by Sarangan » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 16:05:23



1. There is a "Standard" toolbar under the "Form Controls"
toolbar option. And that "Standard" toolbar contains
a "TextBox" control. Is there any way that I can see or
edit that "TextBox" control.

2. Is there any limitation on the file size that we are
putting in the editbox

Sarangan R

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How Can I

Post by Stefan Wue » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 19:01:32

Hi Sarangan -

For 1.
Do you mean the native, built-in Vfp baseclasses?
If so, you cannot modify them.

Surprisingly it seems to be far beyond the maximum variable
size of 16777184 bytes (see also "system capacities" in help).

Just stopped a test at 201,326,208 bytes
? "a:", STRTOFILE(REPLICATE('a',16777184),m.cFile,.T.)
? "b:", STRTOFILE(REPLICATE('b',16777184),m.cFile,.T.)
? "c:", STRTOFILE(REPLICATE('c',16777184),m.cFile,.T.)
oForm.Edit1.Value = FILETOSTR(m.cFile)
? "LEN(oForm.Edit1.Value):", LEN(oForm.Edit1.Value)


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