VFP and the Pocket Pc

VFP and the Pocket Pc

Post by ian turne » Sun, 09 Nov 2003 00:25:41

I assume there is no such thing as Pocket Foxpro (or any
other Pocket.dbf function). I have just been trying a
client's Pocket PC (Hp IPAQ 1930) and am impressed with
the functionaility. I have already written a set of FoxPro
forms and programs which do my Time Billing and integrate
with my Invoicing and Client databases in VFP. I notice
that there are Pocket Access and Pocket SQL.

The question is, does anyone know anything about either
Pocket Access or Pocket SQL and whether I could write a
hand-held database on the IPAQ and then get VFP7 to read
the entries into my existing Fox suite? My problem is that
I can't find ANYONE to ask! Microsoft reception were
particularly unhelpful, telling em to go to MS Support and
go to their chat-room. The last entry in the chat room on
Pocket Access was during August 2000!


VFP and the Pocket Pc

Post by Rush Stron » Sun, 09 Nov 2003 01:40:23

Forget the chat room. One of the best (and up to date) knowledge bases is
what was once called the DejaNews usenet archives, now known as Google
Groups, at:


If you filter the newsgroups to "*fox*" (without the quotes) and search for
"Pocket PC" (with the quotes) you will find a recurring answer - "No."

OTOH, Fox can run on a tablet PC - see:


- Rush


VFP and the Pocket Pc

Post by Y. Sivara » Sun, 09 Nov 2003 09:24:58


I do not know a way of writing apps to Pocket PC apps using VFP. But I
remember some articles written about using satelite forms in a back dated
Foxpro Advisor article.

One option I would suggest is

1) Develop the pocket PC app using VS .NET 2003 and use XML data store. (If
your application is big then you may consider using the SQL CE database

2) Then use the XML file to sync with the desktop foxpro application.

Best Regards,
Y. Sivaram