Running an Access program within an Access program

Running an Access program within an Access program

Post by Shanno » Wed, 23 Jun 2004 04:22:14

I have a macro that will open Access Prgm 2 from Access
Prgm 1. How would I also run a macro from Access Prgm 2
and return to Access Prgm 1? Is there a possible way to
run this macro located in Access Prgm 2 without even
opening that database while being in Access Prgm 1?

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2. Running Access 2003 programs in in Access 2007 and Windows 7

Clients for whom I have developedAccess 2003 programs are now starting to
move them into the Windows 2007 and Office 2007 environment and there are
problems. Having been through this with previous such transitions I have made
sure the code is compiled before trying to use the application in Office
2007. My applications tend to be code heavy, and menu driven using the
Switchboard for user convenience.

Recently I acquired a new PC running Windows 7. The PC came with a trial
copy of Office 2007 installed. I did not use it and immediately uninstalled
it. Then I installed Office 2003 followed by an installation of Office 2007
following the tradition of installing versions of Office in the order in
which they came out.

Here are problems I have encountered:

1. In Access 2003 when I try to edit a code button on a form using the right
click uild eventfeature an automatic backup for the mdb starts up. I can
get into the code immediately by choosing ode from the view menu,
2. My forms are not all working as they should in 2007. For instance, I have
a form that allows the user to select the records in a subform. The code
appears to run just fine the last line in the code is a requery of the
subform which runs without an error but the form does not actually
requery it sows empty without any records.

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