Question about the good xharbour languages reference guide

Question about the good xharbour languages reference guide

Post by Patrick Ma » Fri, 04 Jan 2008 05:30:23

Hello Massimo,

Thank you for the kind words ;-)

We use our own in-house utility to write documentation for xHDN.

Yes. Mow, eventually we hope to cover all of functionality in
xHDN, so.. :)

We do not have any direct plans for version 2.0 of the xHDN off-line
reference guide. Sad enough there is not enough interest from
xHarbour's users to purchase the offline version. This is really very
sad. :(

Writing documentation is a VERY intensive job and takes many man-hours
to do it professionally. But for this we need funding, and without any
purchases from the community it is very hard to do. I know
it is a very sensitive subject, but I think it has to be said. Not
everything can be free guys.

Lets hope 2008 gives us enough funding to continue working on excellent

Its not too late to purchase version 1.1 of the xHarbour Reference Guide:

Its only $49.00 USD.


First we will cover all's libraries and utilities like SQLRDD,
RMDBFCDX, etc. After that, we will document all other
contributions if there is interest from xHarbour's users.

Thank you and Happy New Year!