Sony Laptop Battery Problems

Sony Laptop Battery Problems

Post by » Tue, 22 Feb 2011 06:21:51

My 9 month old e-series Sony Vaio has a probelm with the battery. When
left SWITCHED OFF for 3 weeks the battery is flat. The battery is now
reporting a degredation in the charging ability and Sony want me to buy a
new one for 18. Aparently, batteries are consumables. This laptop has
been rarely used in 9 months, on average only a couple of times a month.
There are other reports of Sony laptop batteries losing charge when
switched off, but Sony won't do anything about it.
I was going to buy another laptop this month, but it won't be a Sony now.

Don't buy Sony laptops unless you are prepared to buy a battery every year.

Oh and have read that the Sony BIOS checks if it is a genuine Sony battery
and it won't boot if it's not. If true, you can't buy a cheap replacement

Don't buy Sony laptops.