6.2.1 - how to stop mailboxes from popping up?

6.2.1 - how to stop mailboxes from popping up?

Post by punctuatio » Mon, 28 Feb 2005 06:16:59

I'd posted earlier in this group asking about Eudora filters. I did
figure that one out (thanks for the help!) but am now stuck on another

I have a folder - I call it Suspect - for email that I don't whitelist
into the inbox. In other words, several filters do several common tests
on my incoming mail to test whether it's "good" and in each case, filter
the message into the inbox. Any message that makes it down to the final
filter is thrown in Suspect. The filters seem to be working, because so
far, everything going into Suspect has been junk, and I've kept the
inbox free of junk.

here's the problem though: Upon conclusion of the email check, the
filter report pops up, as does the Suspect mail box if anything went
into it. I have the filter popup turned off now in "getting attention"
under settings, but I still keep seeing it (I now have zero filters set
to "notify user"). What do I do so that I don't have to see the filter
list and the Suspect mailbox after every check of mail?

6.2.1 - how to stop mailboxes from popping up?

Post by Katrina Kn » Thu, 10 Mar 2005 07:51:51

The filter report window opens? And you don't have the option to generate
it turned on at Tools | options | attention? Have you double-checked that?
If you have, try turning it on, closing Eudora, then opening Eudora again
and turning it back off. That can sometimes help if something is screwed
up in eudora.ini.

That mailbox opens too? Do your other mailboxes open when they get mail?
Do you have the option to open mailboxes turned on at Tools | options |
getting attention? If not, what options do you have turned on there, and
what actions do you have in the filter for that mailbox?