what's that little roll-down-meny at the bottom?

what's that little roll-down-meny at the bottom?

Post by Kanolse » Sat, 23 Oct 2004 02:15:07

I have E and on the bottom of the screen there is a
roll-down-menu just to the right of that field which shows how many
mails I have and how much k it takes and wasted k.

What can I use if for - couldn't find anything in help as I don't know
what it's for.


what's that little roll-down-meny at the bottom?

Post by Ogden John » Sat, 23 Oct 2004 02:55:14

If you were using Content Concentrator, you would know. If you
aren't, you won't, but it doesn't go away when you deselect
Content Concentrator. AIUI. Things like Content Concentrator
{the "Mood Watch" of the 6.0 release} have kept me treating 6.0
like the Bubonic Plague. I ain't gonna get anywhere near it, or
let it get anywhere near me.
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what's that little roll-down-meny at the bottom?

Post by Katrina Kn » Tue, 26 Oct 2004 04:32:37

The purpose of that selection box is to allow you to switch CC profiles.
That means that if you have it off in general, but you want to few a batch
of messages with it on, you can turn it on on the fly by selecting the
desired profile. Or, if you have it on by default, you can easily view
some messages without it by selecting <none> there. So whether or not you
have it on by default doesn't affect whether or not it should be there or

As an example, I normally keep it off. I susbcribe to a couple of mailing
lists with really sloppy, netiquette-impaired members though. Sometimes it
is nice to be able to turn on the CC so as to be able avoid the many
screens of quoted material they insist on leaving in every message. I
don't want to do that all the time because most people are reasonable
about t *** quoted material and I normally want to be able to tell what
they're replying to.

Why? I can see not being interested in either of those features, but why
avoid versions that have them just because you don't want a couple of
features? If none of the other improvements or bug fixes interest you, I
can see not bothering to upgrade, but why do you react so strongly to
those two features?

Also, if you haven't done so, you might want to give the CC a bit more of
a look at. It might turn out to be more useful to you than your initial
impression of it makes it seem. For one thing, you don't have to use the
default profiles. You can set up your own, and they are quote flexible in
the way they can be set up. You can do things like make profiles that
include certain headers that you normally want hidden, so that you can
turn on a specific profile when reading a specific mailbox. Or you can set
up a profile that just hides most quoted text for use when dealing with
people like the ones I already mentioned.

The two other things that the CC lets you do that I find useful are
viewing multiple messages together in the preview window and replying to
multiple messages with one reply rather than having to cut and paste
quoted text and possibly recipient addresses from multiple messages into
the composition window when combining information from multiple messages
in a single reply.