high water mark

high water mark

Post by pweine » Sun, 31 Oct 2004 07:02:49

Recently I have been receiving " high water mark notification" messages
in my In Box. I'm using Eudora 6.0.3 in the sponsored mode. I've
cleaned out 90% of the messages stored in my mailboxes and all of the
mail in Trash and Junk, yet I keep receiving the HWM messages. In fact,
Eudora has refused to accept certain e-mails that contain Adobe pdf
files. I do not receive more that 4-5 e-mails a day and most of these
are deleted and not stored in specific mail boxes. How do I eliminate
the HWM notifications and counteract their blockage of certain e-mails?
I have looked in Eudora's FAQ without finding an answer.
Thank you

high water mark

Post by Rick » Sun, 31 Oct 2004 21:40:25

Maybe someone here knows what a "High Water Mark" notification is, but I
don't. If you could elaborate, it might help you get an intelligent
answer. However a quick guess: Have you compacted your mailboxes?


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high water mark

Post by Frankenste » Mon, 01 Nov 2004 00:32:46

I got something like this the other day and I just deleted it without
opening it, assuming it was some kind of spam or virus. It was from
HWM@something or other. But I notice that you have adelphia cable as your
ISP. I have that too.

Try going to Adelphia's webpage and accessing your webmail from there. Make
sure it's cleaned out. It could be the PDFs you're receiving are bigger than
what Adelphia allows. In any case, I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with


high water mark

Post by mac davi » Mon, 01 Nov 2004 13:15:14

On Sat, 30 Oct 2004 15:32:46 GMT, "Frankenstein"

Good point... it could also be that Eudora isn't set to delete mail on
Mine's set to delete it from my ISP when it's downloaded to Eudora..

high water mark

Post by Katrina Kn » Sat, 06 Nov 2004 06:37:02

It is probably your server mailbox that needs cleaning out.

A further explanation is needed to help you with this one. What happens
when you receive these messages? Is there an error message or does Eudora
crash when attempting to download them or what? Is it possible that the
problem is that you've told Eudora to skip messages over a certain size,
and these messages are over that size, causing them to be skipped? If
that is what is happening, you should be getting message stubs that
contain the headers and maybe a few lines of the body of the message.
YOu need to then decide whether you want to download the full messages
or not and tell Eudora what to do with them. (There are buttons to do
that in the open messages (not in the preview pane) or you can use
"change server status to do it.) If Eudora can't download them, or isn't
set to do so, and they're being left on the server, that might explain why
your server mailbox is so full. Some pdf files are quite large.