Deifferent Grid Line Colors and Grid Line Widhts

Deifferent Grid Line Colors and Grid Line Widhts

Post by WP » Thu, 08 Mar 2007 05:03:09

I am setting up an old BROWSE adding to it GridLineWidth and GridLineColor,
but I want some color for some grid lines, and some other for other
gridlines, as well as different grid line widhts. I have looked up in the
Properties of the Column Object, but I did not find nothing related with
that. How can I achieve that?


Deifferent Grid Line Colors and Grid Line Widhts

Post by Bernhard S » Thu, 08 Mar 2007 19:13:56

Hi Walter,

The grid has the three properties GridLines, GridLineColor and GridLineWidth.
With them you define the appearance of all grid lines. There is nothing like
"DynamicGridLineColor" or "DynamicGridLineWidth", not even a
GridHorizontalLineColor, GridVerticalLineColor etc.

You could design a border for a single grid cell:
Define a cell class based on Container.
In this container put a second container. Into the second container put some
lines and/or shapes according to your needs together with a textbox for the data.
Now add a control of this cell class to the column and make it the current control.
When adding a container based class as control to a column, foxpro kind of
ignores the outer container and adds only the contents of the outer container to
the column.
With the aid of the inner container, you could use anchor etc. to make resizing

Bernhard Sander