Problem installing VFP 7.0 on XP Home Edition Service Pack 1

Problem installing VFP 7.0 on XP Home Edition Service Pack 1

Post by TWFudWVsY » Fri, 17 Sep 2004 21:11:10

When trying to install VFP 7.0 on XP Home Edition Service Pack 1, once de CD
insertend into CD-ROM, even before being able to choose the option "Install
VisualFoxPro 7.0" an error message apear: "Windows Component Update. Setup
has detected that some of the Windows components that are installed on your
computer do not match the version required for Visual FoxPro. You must
install a different version of these Windows component"
Than I installed XP Service Pack 2. No results, the message is the same when
I try to install VFP 7.0.
What can I do ?
Manuela Musat

Problem installing VFP 7.0 on XP Home Edition Service Pack 1

Post by Leem » Fri, 17 Sep 2004 22:47:20

Hi Manuela:

I am sure you are already using good installation methods, but sometimes
they are worth mentioning. Please take a look at the readme file(s)
included with the product(s). Best practice for Windows 2000 and Windows
XP installations include
- logging in as local administrator (the domain matching the machine name)
as opposed to a user with administrator rights;
clearing the system temporary folder --
<system partition letter>:\Documents and Settings\<%userprofile%>\Local
Settings\Temp, but not always, could be <system partition
letter>:\Winnt\Profiles\<%userprofile>\Local Settings\Temp;
and stopping all un-needed services particularly monitoring services such
as anti-virus programs.

MSConfig, native to Windows XP can help stop services. To use go to Start
| Run, and type MSConfig. On the General tab select Selective Startup and
clear the four check boxes beneath it (leave Use Original BOOT.INI
selected). Next Click the Service Tab and check the Windows Installer.
Many installations require this service be running. Click Apply, Close,
and restart the computer per the prompts.

To return the MSConfig to Normal Start after you have completed the
installation, select Normal Startup - load all device drivers and services
on the General tab.

This next suggestion is a long shot. Please try installing the WCU
(Windows Component Upgrade) outside of the wizard. Run the Setup.exe from
the non-number disk labeled Windows Component Upgrade. It will prompt you
to insert CD #1, but ignore by selecting 'No'. If the WCU installation can
be satisfied, you should be able to proceed with #2 from the 1/2/3 dialog

I hope this helps.

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Lee Mitchell

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Problem installing VFP 7.0 on XP Home Edition Service Pack 1

Post by Paul » Sun, 19 Sep 2004 01:18:43

You must run the Windows Component Update from the VFP7 CD first, before you
can install VFP7.

If that fails (and it very likely might because of a bug in the VFP7 install
routine), manually download and install the Microsoft SOAP 3.0 Toolkit here:

Then try reinstalling VFP7 again. This method works for me every time.

-- Paul