Garmin GTM-12 FM Traffic Receiver for Traffic-Enabled GPS Navigators

Garmin GTM-12 FM Traffic Receiver for Traffic-Enabled GPS Navigators

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I've had the GTM-12 attached to my Garmin Nuvi 360 for about three weeks in the greater Washington, DC area. I can only express my significant dissapointment in the execution of this product in conjunction with my Garmin. I would give this product one star, except it technically works to show traffic problems on an occasional basis. For most intents and purposes, it is completely worthless. Let me explain. The primary reason to buy this device is to have the Garmin alert you to traffic problems and reroute you if severe, or at least suggest a reroute. First problem: Coverage. Clear Channel TMC apparently does not cover critical major highways in the DC area, such as 295 through DC. This isn't a minor oversight, it's irresponsible. Second problem: My Garmin doesn't perform any kind of traffic alerts even when facing severe congestion. For example, I travel westbound Rt 66 in the morning, a notorious A.M. bottleneck from DC to the split with the 267 tollroad (this road has traffic coverage). In my routing, I have a choice to avoid 66 if the traffic is bad enough. Even when the traffic map shows congestion and where I have an uncongested alternative (which is also has traffic coverage), the Garmin does not suggest the alternative. Third problem: the Traffic map itself doesn't adjust for your new position automatically. One has to keep selecting "Map" then "back" in order to refresh the traffic map. Annoying and dangerous. To summarize, the combination of the GTM-12 and my traffic-enabled Garmin Nuvi 360 sufferes from 1) poor Garmin programming that does not properly suggest reroutes or gives you proper traffic alerts and 2) poor traffic coverage from Clear Channel. Disappointing. HOWEVER, with some new programming from Garmin and better traffic coverage from Clear Channel TMC, this would be a tremendous winner. That makes the current situation even more disappointing. Note, too, that you must have the unit plugged into power to receive traffic. Don't forget your charger. BTW, I do not know if the newer Garmin Nuvi "T" units (with integrated traffic receivers) suffer from these problems.
Great - this garmin GTM 12 FM traffic receiver work around the world (only with my Garmin navigations-system). I use this receiver in Germany, France, Spain and Austria. In all contrys without any problems. The first 5 month in Florida - and whow - you see the streets in diffrent colour - with big traffic or free way.
I purchased this traffic reciever for my Kenwood 5120. It works, sometimes a little late, but it works. If I get into my truck and head out it takes a few minutes for traffic to catch up. Occaisonally, it will tell you as you are already in the backup. On other occaisons, it will warn you of the traffic that is 24991 miles ahead. I am assuming the planet is 25000 miles around. I am disappointd by the fact that this is a subscription service here in the states, it makes sense to have people aware of traffic and to try to aviod it. Saving wasted gas and extra pollution.
Nice addition to my Nuvi 350! I was already mostly dependent on my Nuvi - it gets me anywhere! Now, I've got traffic updates... I especially like that I can see all traffic tieups (either text or graphics) - even those not along my route. The reroute feature is not the best - but tha

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The large 5.0" nvi 1490T offers multiple-point routing and lane assist with junction view to help you manage busy highway interchanges. It also has subscription-free traffic alerts for most cities, hands-free calling, pedestrian navigation options and ecoRoute.It realistically displays road signs and junctions on your route along with arrows that indicate the proper lane for navigation.


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