v4.3(b) features question

v4.3(b) features question

Post by groupslr » Tue, 16 Aug 2005 09:36:08

Does anyone know if the new version will have the ability to add fields
to the Folder display/search headings? I have often wanted to sort by
Recipient or fields other than From, Subject, Date/Time, and Size.

--- Ravi

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such as,

class Product {
String name;
Set parts = new HashSet();

void addPart(Part p) {

in this kind of code, does it implicit semantically that Product and
Parts form a Whole/Parts relationship (or aggregation)? if it is so, i
want to ask, is it a good practice of let another object other than
Production refering a part instance?

Consider the following code,

class StockItem {
Part part;
int onHand;

StockItem(part, onHand) {
this.part = part;
this.onHand = onHandl;

part p = new Part(...);
StockItem stockItem = new StockItem(p, 100);

so, in the code above, a StockItem and a Product object share a
reference to a same 'part'. is this a correct OO design?

IMOP, the above should be illegal in the OO point of view, because i
read a article that said, elments of a collection of a container object
should be think as value typed objects and their container should not
share reference of them with outside of the world. i believe this
opinion is reasonable, but it also has me a little confusing since if
so, i will not know how to model this kind of stuff. a typical
situation occurs in a classic humen resource system where i usually let
a department own a list of employee just like the implementation of
product/parts. in the past, i thought this is a easy way of navigating
from department to its employees. today, however, i recovered that was
totally wrong, so i loss all clues of let the job done.

so i believe i need some help from the group.


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