Duplicate, triplicate address book entries??

Duplicate, triplicate address book entries??

Post by barma » Sun, 10 Oct 2004 15:32:33

Hi -

I am running Version 4.21c (Win32), Jun 28 2004, of Pegasus Mail.
Today I noticed that some of my address book entries are duplicated
and now I'm seeing some triplicates! But the multiple copies point to
different data. For example, if I have an entry for A for "Name A", B
for "Name B", ..., Z for "Name Z", I may now have a correct A and a
second A with data about "Name X". It seems to stop in the middle of
my "E" names. What did I do to cause this and how can I recover? I
have some backup copies of various PMAIL files, though I'm not sure
exactly what file to restore. Thanks!


Duplicate, triplicate address book entries??

Post by Libor Stri » Wed, 13 Oct 2004 04:28:43

Dilip Barman < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > 8 Oct 2004 23:32:33 -0700 wrote ...

Address book is in files ".PMR" and ".PM!" in your mail directory.
So you can preparate these ones from backup and replace the bad files...

Be AWARE from deleting redundant items.
This similar event occured in my Pegasus
once or twice in previous versions.
I had doubled items, one right and one bad.
I deleted the bad ones and after pegasus restart
I LOST the right ones too.

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