Newspost utilty status update

Newspost utilty status update

Post by martin ire » Sat, 14 Oct 2006 08:24:46

Information on updates likely to Newspost.exe.

1. From a number of requests I will be adding the setting of Exitcode
(returncode) values to announce the success or failure to post to a
newsgroup. this will allow batch file processing to either quit or ignore

2. The *.pos file will be renamed to *.err when a failure to post occurs

3. The Pegasus Mail UDG settings are being simplified, so that Newspost can
run as a separate task via Wincron etc. Newspost will detect any file with
the .Pos filetype extension and try to post it.

I have the code written and I am doing some basic testing when I get time.


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Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...

Thank You.


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