How to change path for primary account?

How to change path for primary account?

Post by Barkomati » Thu, 14 Sep 2006 03:27:22

My ISP requires that we have a primary email account and that is
different than the one I use for my personal incoming email.

All messages from the ISP go to the primary account and are ending up
in a path location one folder up on my harddrive from where my regular
email ends up.

The problem is that while I can read all my email for this secondary
account, I can't read any of the primary one because Pegasus doesn't
see it.

I'm not even sure how this is actually occuring. Here is what my path
looks like:


Primary acct is ending up in \mail\
Secondary acct is ending up in \admin\

Since the bulk of the mail is in the secondary section, how can I
force the primary acct to put it's mail there, too? Or,
alternatively, how can I choose to read from the primary's folder

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We've got an SBS 2k setup and have several email addresses (,,, etc.) for each client. SBS was set up using the setup with the others as secondary addresses for each user.
All mail can be received on any email address so that side of things
is working fine.

However, we'd rather have the primary to be Unfortunately, I
can no longer seem to be able to select a different 'Primary' account.
The option to change is there and the dialog boxes allow me to go
through the procedure and appears to have succeeded at the end of the
process but if I click back into the dialog box, I see that everything
is back the way it was.

This is driving me nuts. There are no error messages in the event
viewer. Everything appears to be running fine except this.
Please help,

Dale Walker London Techno Events Saiko!
London, UK

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