LINKSYS BEFSR41 Cable/DSL Router - Cable Modem Speed?

LINKSYS BEFSR41 Cable/DSL Router - Cable Modem Speed?

Post by Mick » Wed, 28 Apr 2004 02:56:26

We're building a house and considering wiring with twisted pair (CAT 5 or
5e). I'm thinking of using a LINKSYS BEFSR41 to share a cable modem
connection between 3 or 4 computers, but I downloaded the manual and
something it says worries me...

"Because of the speed limitations of broadband internet connections, the
Router's current hardware design supports 10 Mpbs Ethernet on its WAN
rt." ---Note it says 10 Mpbs, not 100...apparently it supports 100 Mbps on
the 'LAN side'.

I thought Cable Modem supports something like 36 Mbps downstream. So if I
use this router, will I be slowing down the cable modem's download speed?
Or am I reading something wrong? TIA!

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Newbie: How do I network PC's using a Linksys router and DSL?

I have about 3 PC's now. One is a laptop.
Have a DSL connection from BellSouth. I might change to Roadrunner
Cable Modem

My PC's are running Windows 2000, Windows XP Home and Windows ME. I
can upgrade one or more of the PC's to Windows 2k Pro and Windows XP
Pro if needed.

I would like to perform the following and being in marketing have
little knowledge of computer networking. My male computer user friends
who I thought might know a little more - do not know how to do this

I would like to:
1. Be able to share the DSL line for Internet purposes
2. Be able to print from any PC to either of my 2 printers (not
Ethernet connected but locally connected to 2 PC's)
3. Be able to share files across all PC's if possible. If not possible
then, be able to store PC's locally on the local machine and also on
the server.

I have heard terms like Internet Connection sharing, remote printers,
WAN connected printers, File Shares, Network Mapping, Administrative
Rights, Computer Names, NAT, Ports, Firewall protection, IP addresses,
and on and on...

I did cal Linksys with no luck. I called a local Networking Firm but
they wanted a lot of money which I do not have, and I have even joined but thought I would start here first.

Where do I start?

Are there any tutorials on line?

Any decent book that is easy to read and can get me up and running in
a day?

Thanks so much in advance.
Please be kind in your replies.
North Carolina

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