Problem with dropouts on Linksys Wireless Networking

Problem with dropouts on Linksys Wireless Networking

Post by Mark » Sat, 17 Jan 2004 15:15:00

I have a Linksys WAP54G wireless access point and a WPC54G notebook
adaptor. The access point is mounted on the wall near the ceiling
around the center of my house. I often use the laptop at either end of
the house, around 20 feet from the access point. I am getting around
80-82% signal strength and quality seems high and it often reports a
54 Mps connection. The problem is dropouts. I get an average of a
dropout around every 4-5 mins. I know there is a option in Windows XP
to automatically connect to the default wireless connection and I have
that set up for my home connection but yet when it drops out it does
not automatically reconnect.
Is WinXP supposed to automatically reconnect to the default when it
fails? Am I doing something wrong that's causing it not to? Or is
there some utility that I can install to do this so I don't have to
manually reconnect to the network around every 4-5 mins.
As well, are these dropouts common? I never have used wireless before
so I'm not sure if this is normal or if I should try another channel
or some other settings.
As well, how well does the WSB24 signal booster work? I am fairly
happy with my range. Even in the ba *** t I get around 72% and with a
brick house outside around 60-70%. My main concern is the dropouts.
Will the signal booster decrease them? As well, it appears the signal
booster is stacked on top of it. If it's *** on a wall is it any
way to mount the two together?
What is the minimum signal level necessary to get a connection?

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