Wireless LAN - Now convinced Linux has a LONG way to go.

Wireless LAN - Now convinced Linux has a LONG way to go.

Post by The Etobia » Wed, 26 Nov 2003 13:47:18

After installing Linksys adapters in two computers and hooking up the
router, it took me exactly five minutes to get the WLAN running in XP.

Over the past two or three days, I've gotten a lot of help from these
newsgroups, and several methods to try, but I simply cannot get WLAN
to work with Linux (SuSE 9.0). Every time I try a new suggestion, it
seems I'm getting deeper in the hole. I'm sure if I had Fedora,
Debian or Mandrake, I'd run into the same brick wall.

While Linux and XP are equal when it comes to wired LANs, XP has the
clear advantage over Linux when it comes to WLANs - it actually works,
while being straightforward to set up.

Wireless LAN - Now convinced Linux has a LONG way to go.

Post by Linu » Thu, 27 Nov 2003 11:57:15

["Followup-To:" header set to comp.os.linux.]
Fearing a spontaneous XP reboot, The Etobian mumbled this incantation:

Yeah, we got someone at our workplace who just cannot get a DLINK
wireless card to work with Win 2000.

No, I won't fix your Windows computer!


Wireless LAN - Now convinced Linux has a LONG way to go.

Post by Michael W. » Thu, 27 Nov 2003 20:02:55

I dropped a wireless LAN pcmcia card into my IBM thinkpad, and set up
the access point just this side of my firewall (both of which run SuSE
9.0). Took me about 20 minutes to make it work. Took me about an
hour to figure out how to secure it by MAC address. I confess, I
actually did some research before I started.

If you don't know how to make the stuff work, by all means blame the
operating system...

Windows who?


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Wireless LAN - Now convinced Linux has a LONG way to go.

Post by root » Fri, 28 Nov 2003 03:05:09

To be fare the wireless lan hardware is supported well by the kernel and
network tools. Only the configuration cant handle it. Fedora (rehat 10)
has some GUI tools for wireless cards.

I use a lot of wireless hardware with linux and it works well - but you
have to hand configure it, as raw text with an editor. If you are not at
the experiance level to do that then it would be better to wait for
desktop tools to catch up. About a year.

Also a comment on SUSE 9 - looks nice, but that yast thingi is not at a
windows control panel level yet. Pretty, but not complete !


Wireless LAN - Now convinced Linux has a LONG way to go.

Post by Olav Pette » Fri, 28 Nov 2003 03:32:14

Not that this has much to do with your particular problem.

Still, having been away from Windows for a few years I just spent one whole
day and half the night until I was able to network a Windows XP to my Linux
box. I do not imply that Windows has a long way to go, just that I found
the network settings on the XP side to be very unintuitive and downright
confusing to a Windows newbie.


Wireless LAN - Now convinced Linux has a LONG way to go.

Post by James Case » Mon, 05 Apr 2004 09:47:25

You'll have to fogive me I missed the original post and only found a
couple of replies, but i felt it worth noting my experience with wlan
stuff. I am currently running a personal wireless network at home and
regularly use it at work as well. When I first used tried wireless stuff
with linux it took me a while to setup, but then i was still really new to
linux. Windows on the other hand (dual boot system) was not much better.
While windows was in theory much easier to configure, my 128bit encryption
never worked and when i talk to linksys, 1.) they hardly new what linux
was (they said to use the wizard, haha) 2.) they said that some computers
are not able to support that level of encryption. Well, the encryption
worked in linux, though the range was crap(never buying linksys wireless
again), but not in windows, so it was just some kind of driver problem or
linux supperiority, but that is another issue. Later I perchased a belkin
card for my desktop, again issues with linux, but finally got it working.
It has issues at times too with the antenae.... (somebody needs to fix
these range issues). Well it was pure linux until recently when i
purchased a copy of xp so i could run Cain for some testing purposes
(Those of you who know what cain is, probably understand, and it was
purely a learning experienc...honest ;-) As of yet, i still cannot get
the belkin card to work with xp, though it works well with linux. So
windows has many issues and so does linux. Though my new Orinoco card
works great on my laptop. I replaced the linksys card and got rid of
windows on that machine, and i am very happy with the result.


Wireless LAN - Now convinced Linux has a LONG way to go.

Post by Richard Ca » Tue, 06 Apr 2004 11:59:31

Go into Yast, and find 'Network Devices' click that and then
select 'Network Cards'. If it finds your card then
set it up as wlan0, managed, automatic setup (via DHCP), host name Linux,
domain name Local, enable IP forwarding, Request Broadcast response, Host
name to send 'AUTO'. Then go to Yast and go to software, 'add and remove
software'. Find files pcmcia, pcmcia-cardinfo, and install these files.
Reboot your computer and see if anything happens. If you still have
problems return the gear and get something that works with Linux. I
had Linksys Gear (cable modem, and router) and had similar problems. But
at that time was still learning the ins-and outs of this Linux stuff. I
am now using 'NetGear' wireless hardware, cable modem, and router. It
states on the boxes that it works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Good Luck,


Wireless LAN - Now convinced Linux has a LONG way to go.

Post by Jan Sevels » Thu, 08 Apr 2004 05:24:57

Having recently entered this NG I missed the start of this thread :-(
There is another way aroung this problem. I very well know that Linksys
is a bad word in many people's ears, but they have a device called WET11
(or WET54G) which takes a standard RJ45 cable from (f. ex.) a netcard
and acts as if you had a real WLAN netcard in your machine.
The other companies probably have similar devices.
The magic word in this case is that the device MUST be able to run in
"client mode".

Then you can also place the 'thingy' where you have the best path to
your access point.

Good luck.


Wireless LAN - Now convinced Linux has a LONG way to go.

Post by Doug Weasn » Sun, 11 Apr 2004 00:02:15


Any bets on getting a wireless card manufactured by Microsoft to work on

Doug Weasner | Greenwood IN | Has a MS 802.11g card in his 2K/XP box
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Wireless LAN - Now convinced Linux has a LONG way to go.

Post by JM » Thu, 22 Apr 2004 00:55:05

Yes the wireless card sold by microsoft does work on linux. It's the
Microsoft Notebook Adapter, MN-520. It has a prism chip set and works