box and menu in curses

box and menu in curses

Post by mskumar_2k » Fri, 13 Feb 2004 21:24:59

hai all,
I need a help from you. I 'm working in a project using "curses.h" in
Linux using 'C'. I have some doughts regarding menus and line.
1. I used to draw box in window using ACS_HLINE,ACS_VLINE. But what
happened is, the line is not a straight line. Instead of that it look
continus hypen ( - ) for HLINE and continuous ( | ) for VLINE.
I'm using curses version : 5.3.20030118 came along with RedHat 9.0 .
Please tellme how to draw straight line. ( It is working correctly
in version : 5.2.20020406 come along with RedHat 7.3 )
2. Next, i cant able to understand the functions in header file
menu.h . Will u please tell me how to create simple menu..Is there
any internet resource is available with example for menu creation ?.
if so, please tell me.?

Senthil kumar.M

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Thank you for your response. I see there are other people that have run
into the same problem.

I've had to work around many curses issues while developing Urwid (a
console UI library). Even if the bugs are fixed I'm going to have to
bypass the curses module to support UTF-8 in a reliable way for all users.

I think there are enough escape sequences common to all modern terminals
so that I can build a generic curses-replacement for my library.
However, if someone is already working on something similar I don't want
to reinvent the wheel.

Ian Ward

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