How to create fullscreen window with titlebar using gdk

How to create fullscreen window with titlebar using gdk

Post by vanjina_mu » Fri, 20 Aug 2004 18:32:06


I am creating a window using GDK. I want my window to be displayed
above taskbar, If i use gdk_window_fullscreen API it makes the window
to appear above taskbar but at the same time it hides the titlebar of
the window. But i want my window to appear above taskbar and also
should have titlebar displayed.


1. How to create fullscreen window with titlebar using gdk

2. What is the difference between VMR9 "Fullscreen Window" and "Fullscreen" ?!

Fullscreen mode is not just a fullscreen window. It is a special mode
where the display is only available to your application. A lot of games
use this mode for performance reasons since no other applications can use
the display in this mode. The resolution of this window is graphics
adapter dependent and is not necessarily the resolution that the display is
set to in Windows.

Fullscreen window just creates a borderless window the size of the current

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