Promise FastTrak 4060 & FC5?

Promise FastTrak 4060 & FC5?

Post by Ivan Mars » Sun, 13 Aug 2006 02:45:10


Anyone have any insight into using a Promise FastTrak 4060 IDE RAID
controller with FC5?

It's enumerated by the PCI properly but I'm not sure where to go from

Do the RedHat drivers work with it? Do you need them?

Any pointers?


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2. Promise 378 FastTrak controller and Danis

I have an Asus K8V SE Deluxe which has a Promise 378 SATA150 Raid controller
onboard (VendorID 105A, DeviceID 3373). It is configured with a PATA
connector as well as 2 SATA connectors. I'm trying to attach a PATA Maxtor
160Gb drive I got at a very reasonable price to it. I've enabled the
controller in BIOS and set it as Non-Raid. The Bios reports:

SATA378 TX2Plus Bios Version
D0 Maxtor 6Y160P0 152GB Ultra DMA 6
IDE Busmaster Enabled

I'm using Danis506 v 1.7.0 and can't seem to get this drive recognized. The
controller show up in the output from DumpIde, but has no drives attached
under the Link section.

Does anyone know if this controller is supported in this configuration (or at
all), or am I doing something wrong? I've already got the primary and
secondary controllers filled, so I was hoping this could be used as an
additional controller for PATA drives. I'd appreciate any advice anyone can
give me.

Additional info: eCs1.1 FP3, controller is on IRQ 3 unshared, and I have
output from DumpIde and PCI if it would help.

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