[News] Linux Mint 7 (Ubuntu GNU/Linux Derivative) Reviewed

[News] Linux Mint 7 (Ubuntu GNU/Linux Derivative) Reviewed

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 27 Jun 2009 17:18:34

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Linux Mint 7

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| Linux Mint has been one of my favorite distributions and it remains so. I
| happily recommend to anybody looking for a good desktop Linux distribution.
| It comes with a good bit of software by default, has an extremely attractive
| theme and makes multimedia related tasks quite simple for the user.



Linux Mint 7 Review

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| Linux Mint's purpose was always to be a very user-friendly, simple, and up to
| date Linux and GNU desktop distribution. Besides being based on Ubuntu 9.04
| Jaunty Jackalope (and early on, really just a variant of Ubuntu with
| integrated media codecs, and Linux 2.6.28, it also incorporated the highly
| popular open source technology of Gnome 2.26, and Xorg 7.4.


Linux Mint 7 (Gloria)

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| So far everything has been running smoothly with the only minor issue I have
| is that sometimes, things seem to load slowly like Firefox for example. This
| could be attributed to some of the addons so I going to check those by
| eliminating them one by one to see if there a difference.


Linux Mint 7 ScreenShots

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| Here we bring you yet another set of Screen Shots, but this time it is of
| Linux Mint 7 ( Gloria ). Let me start off by saying this... I've been
| using/managing Linux for almost 11 years now and I want a desktop that just
| works.. I am so out of that phase on making things work together ( Unless it
| is programming ). Linux Mint has done that for me, so I really want to say
| THANK YOU to Linux Mint Staff and Users for all the work you guys have done
| and for taking the time to make my life easier.


Review: Linux Mint 7

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| Overall, I'm very impressed with Linux Mint 7. It's once again outdone
| itself and easily holds the title as one of the best new user distributions
| out there. When I first loaded it up, I was worried that they had reached
| their pinnacle and Mint 7 would be their first step down as every distro does
| after a while. Some just sooner than others.
| But nope, Mint 7 is still climbing the mountain to bigger, better, greater,
| faster, and more awesome than all of it's predecessors. It's always
| encouraging to see a distro always getting better, despite how good it was
| before.


Getting to the root of Ubuntu.

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| Well I am one of those who went to Debian after using Ubuntu, Kubuntu to be
| exact. In my case I did a complete reinstall from scratch. Just the other day
| as I was squeezing my personal installation into the latest testing mold it
| struck my mind that if I could do this sort of work easily with aptitude then
| why not try and convert Ubuntu to Debian.


Linux Mint 7 released

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| Clement Lefebvre from the Mint development team has announced the release of
| Linux Mint 7 (code named Gloria). Linux Mint is an Ubuntu-based distribution
| that aims to be user friendly and provide a more complete out-of-the-box
| experience