[News] Loads of News About Ubuntu GNU/Linux, 10.10 Ubuntu Developer Summit announced

[News] Loads of News About Ubuntu GNU/Linux, 10.10 Ubuntu Developer Summit announced

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Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 183

,----[ Quote ]
| Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter,
| Issue #183 for the week February 28 - March
| 6th, 2010. In this issue we cover: Mark
| Shuttleworth: "Light" the new look of
| Ubuntu, Announcing the 10.10 Ubuntu
| Developer Summit, UI Freeze in place for
| Lucid, Developer Membership Board meeting,
| International Women's Day Vote, Getting
| Patches Upstream, The Grand App Writing
| Challenge Submissions, Server Bug Zapping
| results, Ubuntu Classroom Team presents
| "ClassBot", February 2010 Team Reports, and
| much, much more!


Redesigning Ubuntu behind the scenes on 10.04

,----[ Quote ]
| The new font, which will be simply called
| buntuhas been designed with cooperation
| between Canonical designers and a world
| class design agency. At the time I saw the
| proposed versions the full alphabet wasn
| yet complete, and I became aware of the huge
| attention to detail that these committed
| people were working towards. One thing that
| particularly caught my eye was the
| discussion on things such as how the edge of
| the letter should finish, hould it be
| sharp and flush or slightly angled The
| wider masses would never be aware how much
| effort had been put into this.


Ubuntu Linux for Mainframes? Not Quite
,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical wants Ubuntu Linux to run on a
| range of devices from mobile Internet
| devices all the way up to high-end servers
| and cloud systems. But there are two markets
| where Canonical has no plans to push Ubuntu.


The Ubuntu One music store and free software for profit

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| One of the features expected with the
| upcoming Ubuntu 10.04 release is the Ubuntu
| One Music Store (UOMS). The UOMS is a
| mechanism by which Ubuntu users can purchase
| songs in the MP3 format, with some of the
| revenue going to support Canonical. These
| songs are evidently compressed at a
| relatively high bit rate and lack any sort
| of DRM or watermarks. Support for the UOMS
| has been integrated into the Rhythmbox music
| player, with support for other players
| expected in the future. Discussion of this
| new feature has been relatively subdued thus
| far, but developers elsewhere are beginning
| to take notice and ask some questions about
| the extent to which the UOMS should be
| supported.


And The Oscar Goes To Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

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| The upcoming version of Ubuntu, named Lucid
| Lynx, or 10.04, packs all the punches needed
| to knock out any Windows from your PC. Mark
| Shuttleworth personally took the challenge
| of polishing Ubuntu to an extent that even
| Mac users feel envy. He is heading in the
| right direction. Lucid Lynx is till date the
| most polished, sophisticated, resource
| efficient, and user-friendly operating
| system ever built.


10.10 Ubuntu Developer Summit announced

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical's Ubuntu Community Manager Jono
| Bacon has announced that the next Ubuntu