[News] [Linux] Good Review of BLAG (GNU/Linux), More Screenshots from the New Gentoo Linux

[News] [Linux] Good Review of BLAG (GNU/Linux), More Screenshots from the New Gentoo Linux

Post by Roy Schest » Tue, 15 May 2007 19:51:39

eview: BLAG 60001 - Linux Without Boundaries?

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| I admit: I was prepared to dislike BLAG, given its lowly Distrowatch
| ranking and apparent lack of popularity. With that in mind, I
| was pleasantly surprised by a number of features, such as the
| amount of multimedia support.


Gentoo Linux 2007.0

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| While late, the first Gentoo release of the year is now available
| for download. Gentoo 2007.0 features a rewritten LiveCD
| installer, updated packages, GNOME 2.16.2, and other
| improvements over Gentoo Linux 2006.



BLAG updates its Fedora-based distro

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| The BLAG project released an updated version of BLAG Linux, build 50002,
| last weekend. The single-CD, install-only distribution is based on
| Fedora Core 5, and sports a 2.6.17 kernel and a GNOME desktop.



Gentoo 2007.0 [Review]

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| Like most major distros, it's not that often that we see a new
| release from the Gentoo team. In fact, it's twice a year, which
| is still more often than few others. The difference with Gentoo
| though, is that the new releases are not always awaiting much
| anticipation, since the bulk of the updates can be had through
| the system updater, Portage.


Review: Gentoo 2007.0

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| While Gentoo has kept up graphically with its sexy interface, it's
| been left several miles behind in terms of usability as the elite
| for Linux enthusiasts. The problem is that it's missing so much
| genuinely helpful GUI configuration, even enthusiasts are going
| to start considering an easier life.


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| Gentoo remains an excellent choice for users who want a completely
| customized distribution with an excellent package system, but it
| will never be practical for many Linux users. The inclusion of a
| graphical installer seems helpful, but it ends up taking away the
| instruction and customization that a by-hand Gentoo installation
| can provide. Anyone wishing to get into the meat of their machine
| should stick with the installation instructions provided with
| Gentoo and go through the process himself.


Gentoo Linux 2007.0 Screenshot Tour

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| After several delays, the Gentoo Release Engineering team is proud
| to announce the release of Gentoo Linux 2007.0, code named 'Secret
| Sauce'. This release includes a completely rewritten version of the
| Gentoo Linux Installer on the AMD64 and x86 live CD and live DVD
| images.


Want to Learn Linux? Start With Gentoo

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| Most people, of course, aren't interested in this level of
| appreciation, content to outsource that understanding to other
| people. And I suppose I am a bit of an anomaly, since one of the
| first things I'd do if I won Powerball would be to build my own
| car. But for those of you that are interested in Linux, there
| aren't many better places to start than Gentoo.