[News] Thomas Friedman/New York Times Do Microsoft's Bidding for Cheaper Labour

[News] Thomas Friedman/New York Times Do Microsoft's Bidding for Cheaper Labour

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Mundie: Immigration and capitalism will save U.S. economy

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| So, did you read Thomas Friedman's column in
| Sunday's New York Times? In it he floats an
| idea for saving the U.S. economy by creating
| jobs here for "high-IQ risk-takers" from
| overseas. And it seems to be based off of an
| interview he did with Craig Mundie,
| Microsoft's chief research and strategy
| officer.


Yes, America Needs More Start-Ups, but Here's What Start-Ups Need

,----[ Quote ]
| Friedman's argument springs from what appears
| to be an interview with Craig Mundie, the
| chief research and strategy officer of
| Microsoft (MSFT). Although Microsoft has been
| a relative laggard technologically for at
| least the last decade, Friedman appears to be
| swept away by Mundie's viewpoint.


Friedman as a Microsoft mouthpiece.


Bill Gates: Tough US immigration stance a 'huge mistake'

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| Bill Gates called US immigration restrictions a "huge mistake" while on tour
| of India today, urging America to open its golden doors for more "smart
| people."


UStough stance on immigration a uge mistake
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| New Delhi, July 24 ow about making an exception for smart people,asked Mr
| Bill Gates while addressing Nasscom CEO Forum in the Capital on Friday.
| The Chairman of Microsoft Corporation was referring to the immigration
| restrictions being imposed by the US.


H-1Bs under attack

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| Well, no - actually, Microsoft's obligation is to keep itself afloat in these
| difficult economic times, so that it can continue creating revenues for the
| American economy. And it's no surprise Microsoft would look to foreigners for
| help - 35 percent of the company's patent applications last year came from
| its H-1B and green-card employees.
| But these are delicate things to point out to the American public. Fearing
| more political demagoguery, Microsoft swiftly backpedaled, claiming that it
| plans to file "substantially fewer" H-1B applications this year, and adding
| that none of the foreigners will be replacing fired American workers.


Work-visa applications tumble

,----[ Quote ]
| Foreign companies seeking to place workers in American jobs were the big
| winners in the past, with Indian technology companies Infosys Technologies
| Ltd., Wipro Ltd. and Satyam Computer Services Ltd. netting 9,154 spots for
| the 2008 fiscal year, according to Citizen and Immigration Services. By
| comparison, Microsoft was awarded 1,037 H1-B visas and Intel got 351.



Guess Who's Getting the Most Work Visas

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| Microsoft (MSFT) and Intel (INTC) are the only two traditional U.S. tech
| companies among the top 10. Microsoft received 959 visa petition approvals,
| or one fifth as many as Infosys, while Intel got 369.