[News] [Rival] ABC News Slams Apple for its Behaviour as a Malevolent Cult, Nokia Sues Apple

[News] [Rival] ABC News Slams Apple for its Behaviour as a Malevolent Cult, Nokia Sues Apple

Post by Roy Schest » Mon, 10 May 2010 02:44:40

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The Appalling Reaction to the Apple iPhone Leak

,----[ Quote ]
| Instead, fearful of being blackballed and
| missing the big story, and afraid of being
| swarm attacked by the legions of Apple
| fanatics who act as unpaid flacks to anyone
| who dares to challenge the perfection of
| the company or the divinity of its founder
| -- and most of all, not having the muscle
| of the old-time media empires -- today's
| press largely has turned into the company's
| full-time lapdog and lickspittle. Some
| well-known reporters have built entire
| careers out of being Apple promoters -- and
| thus being given insider access.
| The latest word is that Chen and Gizmodo
| have lawyered up and are considering suing
| the police. Good. And they should go after
| REACT as well, to the point that it is
| disbanded and replaced by another entity
| that isn't a tool of big corporations.
| Meanwhile, those Apple fanatics out there
| (including a few big-name bloggers) that
| are defending this assault on liberty
| should be deeply ashamed of themselves for
| being willing to trade the First Amendment
| for a few cool techno-baubles.


Shakespeare weighs in on Apple/Gizmodo

,----[ Quote ]
| In early 2007 he seemed none too pleased
| with the Microsoft/Novell alliance, among
| other things.


Nokia sues Apple in Wisconsin for infringement of Nokia patents

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia announced that it has today filed a
| complaint against Apple with the Federal
| District Court in the Western District of
| Wisconsin, alleging that Apple iPhone and
| iPad 3G products infringe five important
| Nokia patents.


Nokia takes Apple to court, again

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia, not content with the pair of
| existing patent actions in Delaware, has
| filed another action for five patent
| infringements. This time it's in Wisconsin,
| presumably for variety.


Don't buy Apple, please.


Apple spurs an antitrust investigation

,----[ Quote ]
| According to the New York Post, The U.S.
| Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Trade
| Commission (FTC) are negotiating which of them
| will launch an inquiry into a clause in the
| iPhone OS 4 SDK that bans the porting of
| software originally written for Adobe's Flash,
| Sun's Java or Microsoft's Silverlight/Mono to
| the iPhone OS.


Changes to Apple's developer agreement could spur antitrust inquiry



Apple defends iTunes in Berlin, Brussels

,----[ Quote ]
| The Commission charged in April that Vivendi's Universal Music Group, Sony
| BMG Music Entertainment, EMI Group and Warner Music Group were forcing Apple
| to curtail cross-border access to iTunes.

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