[News] Mozilla Firefox Has New 3D Features, Other Exciting Stuff; UK Government Welcomes Firefox

[News] Mozilla Firefox Has New 3D Features, Other Exciting Stuff; UK Government Welcomes Firefox

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 06 Mar 2010 20:20:20

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Mozilla issues new Firefox test release

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| The software is based on version 1.9.3 of
| the Gecko browser engine that underlies
| Firefox. The current Firefox 3.6, and an
| update called Lorentz, are based on 1.9.2.
| The headline feature of the new preview
| release is the same for Lorentz, though:
| out-of-process plug-ins, which means that
| Adobe Systems Flash Player and the like
| run in a separate memory compartment to
| protect the browser overall when they
| crash. Mozilla hopes people will see how
| well it works on an OOPP testing page.


Researchers Develop 3D Graphics Capability for Firefox

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| A group of researchers plans to release a
| version of the Firefox browser that
| includes the built-in ability to view 3D
| graphics, a capability that could open the
| door for more interactive Web pages from
| developers.
| Some gaming companies have created plug-
| ins that allow 3D graphics to be viewed,
| but the latest method does not require
| one, which potentially would allow the
| capability to be used by more people, said
| Philipp Slusallek, a professor at Saarland
| University, at the Cebit trade show on
| Wednesday.


Chris Blizzard: Life in the Browser

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| Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier, speaks with Chris
| Blizzard, director of Developer Relations
| at Mozilla.


UK Government Gives Green Light To Use Of Firefox Across Public Sector

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| In the light of the recent phishing attack
| that compromised Twitter accounts of
| several prominent politicians, the UK
| government has announced that all its
| departments will have the freedom to opt
| for other web browsers as there is no rule
| about only using the Internet Explorer
| (IE) web browser.


Government departments allowed to use Firefox

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| The government has said its departments
| are free to consider any browser, and
| should consider open-source software
| including Firefox.
| According to a parliamentary written
| answer from Cabinet Office minister Angela
| Smith, there is no rule that says
| government departments must use
| Microsoft's Internet Explorer, even though
| it is the browser most widely used within
| Whitehall.


A Public Funded "Microsoft Shop?"

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| "I work at a public hospital in the
| computer / technical department and
| (amongst others) was recently outraged by
| an email that was sent around our
| department: '(XXXX) District Health Board
| Information Services is strategically a
| Microsoft shop and when talking to staff /
| customers we are to support this strategy.
| I no longer want to see comments promoting
| other Operating Systems.' We have also
| been told to remove Firefox found on
| anyone's computer unless they have
| specific authorisation from management to
| have it installed under special
| circumstances. Now