[News] Linux Phones Gain at Windows' Expense as Android Rises

[News] Linux Phones Gain at Windows' Expense as Android Rises

Post by Roy Schest » Mon, 02 Nov 2009 22:10:49

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Android Gaining on Microsoft?

,----[ Quote ]
| In fact, Financial Times reporter Chris
| Nuttall claims, Android could soon emerge
| as the major smartphone that isn't the
| iPhone. Android systems now operate on 12
| different phones with 32 phone carriers
| supporting them around the world. And
| Motorola, HTC, and Samsung are all busy
| developing their own Android-based
| handsets.


O'Brien: Why I was wrong about Google's Android

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| It's time for me to do a mea culpa on
| Android.
| Google unveiled plans for its mobile
| operating system about two years ago, and
| rolled out the first phone based on
| Android about a year later. In both cases,
| I predicted doom.
| But I was wrong.
| I finally came to terms with this the
| other day while watching one of those
| suddenly ubiquitous "iDon't" ads on TV. If
| you haven't seen one, the ads slam the
| shortcomings of the iPhone ("iDon't have
| interchangeable batteries") while
| trumpeting the pending arrival of the
| Droid sometime in November.
| In this case, Droid is a smart-phone built
| by Motorola for Verizon that uses Android.
| Add those three corporate behemoths
| together, and you have some serious
| marketing dollars available to push this
| thing, whatever it actually turns out to
| be.


Should Microsoft fear invasion of the Androids?

,----[ Quote ]
| The open-source Android operating system
| is gaining momentum, and Microsoft has
| been slow to respond, says a New York
| Times report.


Android 2.0: The iPhone killer at last?

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| In its three years, the iPhone has
| redefined the mobile device. But despite
| the iPhone's popularity, it is by no means
| certain to become the mobile equivalent of
| Windows, the dominant platform that
| defines our experience of a particular
| technology, as well as the business
| choices that surround it.
| Google's Android 2.0 OS is the latest in a
| series of mobile offerings seeking to
| derail the iPhone's momentum. Backed by
| heavyweights Google, Motorola, Verizon
| Wireless, Acer, and other big-name
| manufacturers, Android could potentially
| knock the iPhone down a peg. After all,
| while users love the iPhone, Apple's
| controlling tendencies have frustrated
| developers, and its disrespect for
| business concerns have frustrated IT.


Motorola DROID: A Sleek and Powerful Android Phone

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| The Motorola DROID is the first Android
| 2.0 device, and like other excellent
| competing smartphones it is being
| advertised as an iPhone-killer. With its
| sleek look and powerful features, I think
| it could become as successful as the RAZR
| and possibly surpass iPhone popularity.
| But it will depend on whether or not its
| OS can really deliver the goods.


Verizon Droid Targets iPhone

,----[ Quote ]
| After a series of teaser ads that attack
| Apple's iPhone, Verizon Wireless and
| Mot